Concord NH plumber to the rescue – Pipe Clogged

Concord NH Master Plumbers to the rescue.  I was preparing for an office party at my home in Concord, New Hampshire on Saturday and my only toilet clogged.  I don’t know about you but I was up the creek without a paddle.  A clogged toilet or pipe under the toilet is the last thing you want to have in your during a “offic summer party”. There was always an option of canceling the or pushing back the party. However, I new there must be an easy way to find a plumber and get help on the Internet.  I was determined to find a plumbing solution. I found a New Hampshire Plumber and the plumbers poured out of the woodwork.  Now that was my definition of plumbing service. My problem was fixed. A Master plumbing expert soon arrived with his tools, gave me a free estimate that I was satisfied with and within an hour cleaned the clogged waste drainpipe. The plumber pushed the clogged particles down the drain, with the help of a bell-shaped plunger and a special closet auger. One final flush made the water flow down the toilet without a hindrance.  Thank you!

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