Do you own a TOTO Toilet? Will Smith does…

Toilet technology. Will it invade the US. One firm, TOTO, is using celebrity to sell toilets.   And using Will Smith, among others.  Most US consumers and plumber part supplies will opt for selling standard toilets installed by a local plumber.

Japan is home to the most technically advanced, amazing toilets the world over. A Toilet in Japan can play Mozart, check blood pressure, wash and dry your “bottom” by means of an in-toilet nozzle that sprays water and warm air, turn on a night light, suck odor from the air, and even puts the lid down. But can the Japanese toilet install itself?

What unites all toilets in Japan is the “Bidet system.”  When foreigner arrive in Japan for the first time, they are amazed. Inevitably they get soaked when the sprayer comes on. DOHHH

A “Washlet,” originally a toilet seat brand with bidet, has become for the Japanese a generic word for a high-tech toilet (Washeretto this blog is better than Rosetta Stone). In Japan, “Toto”, Japan’s oldest toilet manufacturer, has sold over 21  million Washlets. Can you believe there are more households Japan with Washlets than there are with computers.  

To try to break into the US market, TOTO is relying upon celeb marketing.  If you see Will Smith on a billboard on a toilet, do not be surprised. So if you are interested in using products that Will Smith does, check out the Toto, smells like we are not Kansas anymore.

If you need a standard toilet installed, I we can help you get free estimates.

If you are not Will Smith and need a low-tech toilet installed in Los Angeles, get Plumber estimates here.

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