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Plumber website for $50

October 30, 2009

90% of consumers are using the internet to find plumbers and they want to review your website before selecting you.  When you sign up with, we can build and host you a website for $50 per month or $600. Benefits:
– Plumber Web site will produce leads
– Plumber Web site will enhance your company identity
– Plumber Web site will help you grow faster than the competition
– Plumber Web site will be engineered for search engines / SEO

Quality Matters in all businesses, Our Story

October 26, 2009

Our story

Once upon a time in America, consumers would grab a book, call a plumber and be able to trust that they would receive quality service at fair price. 

To find a plumber that you can trust in today’s age, there are many conditions that are stacked up against the consumer. 

1) Literally thousands of local plumbers to choose from (some licensed, others not) 
2) Obtaining multiple plumbing bids can be time consuming and costly
3) Consumers have a hard time determining trust when there are many options, costs and limited time to make a decision

These conditions leave the average consumer without a way to find plumbers that they can trust.

Since its inception, Alistplumbers has been pre-screening plumbers to find those that have bullet proof reputations for “doing right” by the customer in terms of quality services, fair reasonable pricing and a focus on long-term customer satisfaction.  With more and more consumers moving online to find plumbers, there is clear demand and opportunity for the services that provides.

Alistplumber’s innovative approach solves the problems that existed previously
1) A simple, fast and free process to obtain multiple bids from pre-screened plumbers
2) Only pre-screened plumbers who “do right” by customers are able to sponsor
3) We reward consumers with special offers and rewarding good plumbers with additional business

Alistplumbers closes the loop by letting real consumers provide feedback following the service.  Plumbers that do right continue to grow and flourish based on the positive word of mouth. 

Qualify for sponsorship at AlistPlumbers

Water Heater Month at Alistplumbers

October 21, 2009

Everyone needs hot water as we move into winter, so we are christening November as Water Heater Month.  What Alistplumbers is going to do is get consumers deep savings on water heaters and water heater installations in such cities as Denver, Orange County, Raleigh, New Hampshire (State), Denver and more.

Start your find a plumber search here and request a water heater quote. In most cases, our quotes are up to 50% less than average plumbing quote.  Try us out. You have everything to gain! 

Discount Code: “Alistplumbers”
Denver – Save $56, No Trip Charge
Atlanta – Save 15%, Free Estimates

Raleigh – Save $200
NH – Free estimates
Orange County – Save 15%

Save on water heaters in November

Save on water heaters in November

Buford Plumber, Buford Plumbing

October 20, 2009

Quality Plumber serving Buford since 1980 – Master Plumber everyone trusts. Call and speak to Vic! Request a Quote | ASAP Plumbing Service (770)596-7436

ASAP Plumbing Services
Our goal: make you a life-long plumbing customer in BUFORD, GA .Get a FREE ESTIMATE when you fill out this form.

New Construction Plumbing – find a plumber

October 20, 2009

Find a Plumber, Find a Contruction Plumber at Alistplumbers, Commercial Division.

“We work with some amazing plumbing companies so what I tell people is if you truly want to find a quality contruction plumber and still get some savings, fill out a commercial plumbing request”

Accredited plumbers who do right by customers

Find a Plumber – Get Bids for new construction olumbing in New Hampshire

Find a Plumber – Get Bids for new contruction plumbing in Raleigh

Get Bids for new contruction plumbing in Denver

Find a Plumber – Get Bids for new contruction plumbing in Orange County

Find a Plumber – Get Bids for new construction in Buford

Need a Water Heater? Some Great Deals online

October 13, 2009

When you wake up and the shower doesn’t produce hot water, it’s typically a sign that your water heater needs servicing or you might need a new water heater. takes care of our online customers and has some special discounts.  The saying goes “Membership has its advantages.” Need a Water Heater? Some Great Deals online

In Denver – Save $56
In Raleigh – Save $200
In Atlanta – Save 15%
In Orange County – Save 15%

Http:// is here to help you work with the best.

San Clemente Plumber – How other people are saving 15%

October 12, 2009

Alistplumbers works with plumbers who are reasonable, reliable and honest. In San Clemente, we found GREENWALL PLUMBING and now you can save 15% on water heaters, piping, plumbing products, drains, sewers, leaks in San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo and Orange County.

Click here for immediate savings and multiple bids

Greenwall Plumbing, now a trusted plumber and partner in South Orange County

October 10, 2009

Alistplumbers is pleased to accept Greenwall Plumbing into our family of reliable and quality plumbers. Greenwall has been providing excellent reliable service since 1995 in Orange County, Dana Point, San Clemente, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel.  Greenwall Plumbing serves customers with honesty, reliability and fair pricing.  They are specialists in water heaters, repiping, leak detection, installation, parts and more

Learn more about Greenwall Plumbing

Ask Greenwall a Plumbing Question

Find a Plumber – Trusted Plumbers only –

October 4, 2009

Our goal is to help you find not just any ole plumber, but a plumber that you can trust, that we can trust. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, consumer advocacy and service excellenence is second to none.

We continually moniter and test our plumbers to ensure that they are doing right by customers.

Whenever possible, we will get customers special discounts, coupons and prices. Our plumbers want long-term customers and are willing to give discounts to start or continue a relationship.

Test out the plumbers yourself, nationwide with featured plumbers in
Plumber in Denver
Plumber in Littleton
Find a plumber in Raleigh

Find a plumber in Atlanta
Find a plumber in Durham
Find a Plumber in Buford

Plumber projects posted in several cities

October 2, 2009

Plumber projects are flowing in and we are looking for a few good plumbing companies in Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, NYC, and Chicago.  Our goal is to connect good people with good plumbers.  If you want an obligation free plumber advertising quote, call us at 617-800-7033 or visit us here. 20% Off your first month when you order 20 or more zip codes.

Preview a Billboard here:

3 New plumbing projects in Boston
5 New plumbing projects in Chicago
3 New Plumbing projects in Las Vegas

7 New Plumbing projects in Dallas
2 New Plumbing projects in Los Angeles