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Plumber Reviews

December 22, 2009

Plumber Review Site Alistplumbers is all about quality.  Most of our plumbers are so good, the have achieved a five star plumbing designation from customers.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Our plumbers are so high quality, they want your reviews. 

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Breaking News: Tiger Woods sets sail?

December 15, 2009

According to a number of sources, The Tiger woods yacht, without the label “Privacy” erased, has set sail.  People close to the family reported they are setting sail to Sweden for the holidays.  Elin purchased a 2 million dollar home and most people believe that is where they going.  The helicopters have also moved out for Tiger Sightings.

According to reports, the house has no plumbing and Tiger will have to go to the bathroom in the Woods. If you need a plumber, we recomend one place.

Plumber Advertising

December 8, 2009

Everyone knows tha t the market winners are the ones with the best advertising.  Especially in the plumber business where the competition is fierce in every market

Alistplumbers is a plumber bid service that generates three times more leads than other competing forces.  How do they do it?

Customers obtain leads from banner ads and the bidrunner service. 

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Avatar and Plumbing

December 7, 2009 prediction: Avatar, the movie will break all box office records. What does this have to do with Plumbing? Nothing.  Also time to winterizing your pipes if you plan on leaving your house vacant for the winter.  Turn off the water and add antifreeze to the pipes.