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Plumber Advertising

December 8, 2009

Everyone knows tha t the market winners are the ones with the best advertising.  Especially in the plumber business where the competition is fierce in every market

Alistplumbers is a plumber bid service that generates three times more leads than other competing forces.  How do they do it?

Customers obtain leads from banner ads and the bidrunner service. 

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Dallas Plumbing Job fixed.

July 29, 2009

Need to find a Dallas Plumber? Got a Dallas Plumber bid request in Dallas Texas yesterday:

“I believe we have a busted cast iron drain pipe under the house(sink and dishwasher)had part of it fixed about 18 months ago and I guess they didn’t fix it right or there is another problem.Would like for someone to run a camera and tell me what is going on. Also would like a bid to run the drain in ground around the house and tie into the main.You are looking at about 120 foot of drain from the sink and dishwasher.I have a crew that will dig it out and have it ready or you can give me a bid for a turn key job. Need to pull a permit here in Farmers Branch. Also,would like a bid just to run the camera and pinpoint the problem or problems.”

Within 12 hours, “Thanks for the assistance, got the problem fixed.”

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