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Happy Plumber New Year – Find a plumber you can trust

January 9, 2010

How to find a plumber you can trust.  We have been in your shoes.  Finding a plumber can be a time consuming process fraught with anxiety.  This is a numbers game, you need to speak with atleast three plumbers to get a guage on pricing, service, quality, reputation. makes it easy.  We only will send your information to plumbers who have reputations for “doing right” by consumers. We are consumer advocate first and plumbing advertising directory second.

Once you start to get some plumber bids evaluate everything.  Does the plumber answer the phone? Return calls? Is the plumber rude or nice? Is the plumber knowleageable and show a proclivity to passing such knowledge to you. Does the plumber provide free estimates or a trip charge?  How does the plumber charge? Flat rate or by the hour? Does the plumber have a license?  Can the plumber provide references? How quickly does the plumber respond to you email?

Alistplumbers was designed to help you stream line your plumber hiring process.  We have a reputation for working with plumbers who want to earn your life long business. Most people want to find a good professional that they can trust for long-term business. 

The process for 2010, fill out this simple form in less than 1 minute and sit back. Plumbers will call you to consult to you on the problem. Get Plumber bids from the nation’s #1 Plumber Directory. Alist brand has been generating leads for top notch local businesses since 1996.

Plumber Advertising

December 8, 2009

Everyone knows tha t the market winners are the ones with the best advertising.  Especially in the plumber business where the competition is fierce in every market

Alistplumbers is a plumber bid service that generates three times more leads than other competing forces.  How do they do it?

Customers obtain leads from banner ads and the bidrunner service. 

Call for a quote on plumber advertising or visit Alistplumbers

Plumber projects posted in several cities

October 2, 2009

Plumber projects are flowing in and we are looking for a few good plumbing companies in Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, NYC, and Chicago.  Our goal is to connect good people with good plumbers.  If you want an obligation free plumber advertising quote, call us at 617-800-7033 or visit us here. 20% Off your first month when you order 20 or more zip codes.

Preview a Billboard here:

3 New plumbing projects in Boston
5 New plumbing projects in Chicago
3 New Plumbing projects in Las Vegas

7 New Plumbing projects in Dallas
2 New Plumbing projects in Los Angeles Plumber Directory partners with ASAP Plumbing in Atlanta

September 3, 2009 is pleased to announce a partnership with ASAP Plumbing Services in North Atlanta (Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming, Suwanee, Sandy Springs, Dawsonville, Snellville, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Buford). focuses on sending customer leads to high quality plumbers, such as ASAP Plumbing.

Reputation for Quality. When North Atlanta consumers search online, they want to obtain plumbing estimates or bids from trusted plumbers who specializes in their area of need. From polybutylene to water heaters, kitchens to bathrooms, the goal is to help consumers save time on their next Atlanta plumbing project with prompt, reasonably priced service by respected licensed plumbers.

In Good Hands with ASAP. “We are pleased to be working with the team at ASAP Plumbing.  We will only do business with firms that have built their companies on plumbing service word of mouth.  ASAP is no exception.  ASAP has been “doing right” by Atlanta plumbing customers for over 25 years and offers flat-rate pricing, free quotes and quality service.  Based on our own due diligence, we give ASAP Plumbing our highest recommendation for quality plumbing service and fast response times.  In fact, all plumbing calls are answered by a Master Plumber is ready to help you solve your problems.   You can now obtain a quote from ASAP Plumbing at in Cumming, Suwanee, Lilburn, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Dawsonville, Flowery Branch and more .” said .

Special DISCOUNT.  When you connect with ASAP on ALISTPLUMBERS.COM you get special treatment by Plumbers who care about our clientele.  ASAP is offering a discount of 15% off your bill.  “We provide low prices to begin with but we wanted to further take care of the customer, ” said Vic of ASAP.  The VIP coupon is exclusively available at Alistplumbers and can be presented at billing.

Need a Plumber? If you need multiple plumbing estimates in Atlanta, GA, visit  You can obtain a quote from ASAP Plumbing Services directly or via the BidRunner Plumbing Service, which allows a user to obtain bids or quotes from respected plumbers in premiere US cities such as Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, Phoenix, Dallas, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Miami, Boston, Concord, New Hampshire, New York, Philadelphia and more.

Need Plumbing leads? If you want to grow your plumbing practice with low cost advertising, call at 617-800-7033.

Advertising solutions for plumbers

August 24, 2009

Fall 2009 is in the air.  Plumbers are hungry.  Many businesses are off over 90% from 2008.  Thanks to Joe the Plumber, Green Plumbing Tax breaks, the plumbing business is bouncing back and now, plumbers are seeking fast and efficient ways to advertise online.  Advertising online in some arenas can be expensive. Introducing was created with a plumber’s needs in mind.  Plumbers who want reasonable pricing targetted to the zip code / area of business are finding great success with

Here is a case study:

Alistplumber sponsor invests $200 a month on advertising for 3 months.
Sponsor gets business leads that he turns into $15,575 worth of business
Sponsor invests an additional $400 per month at

One client at a time, one campaign at a time. Get Quotes, Get Leads.

AlistPlumbers expands in New Hampshire, Find a Plumbers

August 1, 2009 reports new Concord, Nashua, Hopkinton plumber projects up for bid in New Hampshire

Find a New Hampshire Plumber? reports several new New Hampshire plumber projects. helps people get plumber quotes and helps plumbers obtain business leads. reported the following plumbing projects have gone out for written estimates in the New Hampshire. New Hampshire plumbing business interested in providing services in the future should visit  The following is a sample of new requests:

Nashua, CA Plumber Job –New Home Installation, Project ID: 09611173, Project Value: Over $2000. Need New Hampshire plumber.

Concord, NH Plumber Job – New Construction jobs with 8 homes. Project Value: Over $15000. Project ID: 09611169, Need New Hampshire plumber.

Hopkinton, NH Plumber Job – Commercial projects to install new tankless heater. Project Value: Over $3000. Project ID: 096111391, Need New Hampshire plumber.

About – is the only national plumber site dedicated to streamlining the online business processes for both commercial and residential plumbing needs. Our NH plumbing projects are available to New Hampshire plumbers, master plumbers, plumbing companies that are seeking to bid on plumbing projects in your market.  Advertising can be secured by zip code on an exclusive basis for as low as $10.  For more information visit – Get Quotes, Get Leads

Alistplumbers – Find a Plumber in Twitter

July 29, 2009 helping people find plumbers on twitter

Ask our Master plumber a plumbing question on our site oyr on twitter and be featured in our ad campaign.  Who knows, your question might appear on a Billboard, TV spot, Press Release, Video, or Tweet.

Say hello, send us a tweet! Find us on Twitter where we link to blogs, plumbing information, plumbing news, plumbers of note, Green plumbing, Residential Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing news, marketing information and more.  Tweet Tweet.

Alistplumbers Blog – Welcome to our world.

July 23, 2009 | Get Quotes, Get Leads. Welcome to our Blog. “Loud Football Stadium Roar!” or was it “a Golf Clap”?

Got Pipes? Lets first introduce our team.  The engineers. We have assembled a group of good people who love to work with plumbers and small businesses.  Why? Our team at Alistplumbers all began their professional work lives ONLINE in the home improvement marketing business.  A few of us started at Microsoft and a few of us started at AOL. We were at the right place at the right time.  Or was it the wrong time and the wrong place?  We helped pioneer small business advertising and search engine optimization online.  We worked with plumbers, car dealers, dentists and other skilled professionals “get online” for the first time on the first new media network. 

Other members of our team were previously traditional advertising agency executives and had the good fortune to develop global advertising for home improvement directories, unions and trades associations. 

Still other members are recent graduates from a few of the top priced schools in the county.  Specializing in technology and marketing, they are the engine that drives us forward and helps us grow.

We added to our team some gasoline, the financing, accounting and legal, connections and know how with a strong venture capital team whose members worked at Google Advertising and wanted to invest in the Fast company.

Our mission.

Our goal is to help plumbers grow. Fast. Why?  Our team has been working with start-ups since 1990.  We love to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses fast and efficiently.  We challenge any plumber to become our next success story.  For a low initial cost, you have the unique opportunity to work with some amazing people who will help you make more money, fast.

Whenever possible we strive to “keep it simple.”  We strive to make our directory simple for both plumbers and consumers.  If you want to learn more about how we help plumbers and consumers, stay tuned.  And now a word from our sponsors.

J.E.P. Plumbing LLC: NH Residential and Commercial Master Plumbers
Buy a Tankless Water Heater in Dallas Texas. Speak with Kent, the Master Plumber at

So welcome to our Blog, Our Directory and Our World.  Cheers!

If you need a plumber today,