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Plumber Advertising

December 8, 2009

Everyone knows tha t the market winners are the ones with the best advertising.  Especially in the plumber business where the competition is fierce in every market

Alistplumbers is a plumber bid service that generates three times more leads than other competing forces.  How do they do it?

Customers obtain leads from banner ads and the bidrunner service. 

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Plumber projects posted in several cities

October 2, 2009

Plumber projects are flowing in and we are looking for a few good plumbing companies in Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, NYC, and Chicago.  Our goal is to connect good people with good plumbers.  If you want an obligation free plumber advertising quote, call us at 617-800-7033 or visit us here. 20% Off your first month when you order 20 or more zip codes.

Preview a Billboard here:

3 New plumbing projects in Boston
5 New plumbing projects in Chicago
3 New Plumbing projects in Las Vegas

7 New Plumbing projects in Dallas
2 New Plumbing projects in Los Angeles

Advertising solutions for plumbers

August 24, 2009

Fall 2009 is in the air.  Plumbers are hungry.  Many businesses are off over 90% from 2008.  Thanks to Joe the Plumber, Green Plumbing Tax breaks, the plumbing business is bouncing back and now, plumbers are seeking fast and efficient ways to advertise online.  Advertising online in some arenas can be expensive. Introducing was created with a plumber’s needs in mind.  Plumbers who want reasonable pricing targetted to the zip code / area of business are finding great success with

Here is a case study:

Alistplumber sponsor invests $200 a month on advertising for 3 months.
Sponsor gets business leads that he turns into $15,575 worth of business
Sponsor invests an additional $400 per month at

One client at a time, one campaign at a time. Get Quotes, Get Leads.

Plumbing News – Plumbers bring prices down to compete

August 19, 2009

While Plumbers are bringing prices down across the country, we at  are helping plumbers bring their attention to the customer up. WAY UP! During the course of our work week at we have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of plumbers nationwide.  What we are starting to see in some markets is a general decline in prices being charged to customers.

In the west like Phoenix, there are flat rate plumbing prices that charge as low as $49.99 for a Drain or Sewer cleaning.  In Chicago we see the same activity where one company is charging $99 for the same service.  In Raleigh, plumbers were doing free estimates for Tankless Water Heaters, In a price sensitive market, the plumbers that change along with the customers needs are the plumbing winners.  Here at, we want our plumbers to grow on a foundation that is more than price as most people know they get what they pay for when dealing with skilled tradesman.  People are looking for efficient quality plumbing work at fair prices.  We believe the Plumber winners are the customer focused companies that provide fair upfront pricing alongside fast and in some cases “instant service” quotes.

As an example for clients in Raliegh, Phoenix, New Hampshire and Los Angeles, when a plumbing request comes into our office, we contact the Plumber directly to ensure that the customer information gets to the right person and that the lead is followed up on instantly with a quote or appointment for a written estimate.

A  plumbing lead just came in for a renovation and our customer rep contacted the plumber client.  The customer had a quote within 15 minutes of filling out the form.  If you are looking for an online partner to help you drive your customer satisfaction up for both prospects and customers alike, give us an email or call. respond fast.

Alistplumbers Blog – Welcome to our world.

July 23, 2009 | Get Quotes, Get Leads. Welcome to our Blog. “Loud Football Stadium Roar!” or was it “a Golf Clap”?

Got Pipes? Lets first introduce our team.  The engineers. We have assembled a group of good people who love to work with plumbers and small businesses.  Why? Our team at Alistplumbers all began their professional work lives ONLINE in the home improvement marketing business.  A few of us started at Microsoft and a few of us started at AOL. We were at the right place at the right time.  Or was it the wrong time and the wrong place?  We helped pioneer small business advertising and search engine optimization online.  We worked with plumbers, car dealers, dentists and other skilled professionals “get online” for the first time on the first new media network. 

Other members of our team were previously traditional advertising agency executives and had the good fortune to develop global advertising for home improvement directories, unions and trades associations. 

Still other members are recent graduates from a few of the top priced schools in the county.  Specializing in technology and marketing, they are the engine that drives us forward and helps us grow.

We added to our team some gasoline, the financing, accounting and legal, connections and know how with a strong venture capital team whose members worked at Google Advertising and wanted to invest in the Fast company.

Our mission.

Our goal is to help plumbers grow. Fast. Why?  Our team has been working with start-ups since 1990.  We love to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses fast and efficiently.  We challenge any plumber to become our next success story.  For a low initial cost, you have the unique opportunity to work with some amazing people who will help you make more money, fast.

Whenever possible we strive to “keep it simple.”  We strive to make our directory simple for both plumbers and consumers.  If you want to learn more about how we help plumbers and consumers, stay tuned.  And now a word from our sponsors.

J.E.P. Plumbing LLC: NH Residential and Commercial Master Plumbers
Buy a Tankless Water Heater in Dallas Texas. Speak with Kent, the Master Plumber at

So welcome to our Blog, Our Directory and Our World.  Cheers!

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