Buford Georgia Plumber with reputation for honest dealings

June 28, 2010

So you are deciding on a plumber for your home improvement project. Does it make sense to pay a trip charge when you havn’t even hired the plumber?

Vic Robinson of ASAP Plumbing agrees with you.  If you need a hassle free plumbing experience, low costs and education Buford Plumber Estimate, start here orcall

No trip charge, no diagnostic fee.  Only reasonable estimates from a low-cost plumber – Vic Robinson. If you like the Buford Plumbing Quote, hire him. No obligation!

45 years of honest plumbing in Orange County, CA

February 5, 2010

Greenwall Plumbing Heating Air – Serving Dana Point, CA for over 45 years! We want to earn your business in Dana Point! Save 15% today. Call 949-492-1721

reward plumbers that help consumers during hard times

February 4, 2010

Find a plumber http://www.alistplumbers.com nation’s #1 plumber bid service where getting bids is about helping people get thru hard times.  During hard economic times, its important that consumers find plumbers who provide quality service and very very reasonable prices.  We have spent months finding plumbers who care about consumers

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“In Atlanta, when people are hurting, I do service at cost and ask that they spread the good word about Vic the Master Plumber to friends. If we don’t take care of our own Georgia communities, who will?” – Vic the Master Plumber, ASAP Plumbing Georgia

Atlanta Plumber with a 10.0 rating – Plumber of the YEAR

February 3, 2010

The ALISTPLUMBERS.COM Plumber of the Year in Atlanta was Vic the Master Plumber of ASAP Plumbing Georgia 

Vic Services Buford, Alparetta, Cumming, Suwanee. We selected him over 50 other contenders because he had over 30 reviews that were written by his customers.  All reviews were glowing.  Vic is a one in a billion when it comes to plumber professionals you can trust. 

Vic answers his phone and provides firm free estimates by phone.

Vic calls to confirm appointments and shows up on-time.

Vic the Master Plumber provides reasonable pricing.

Get a free estimate from Vic the Master Plumber and experience the difference yourself here:

Find a plumber & get FREE quotes with ALISTPLUMBERS

February 3, 2010

Remember the old infomercials of the 80s? Here is our online version — Our operators are standing by to help you obtain bids from quality plumbers.

Seriously, our service was motivated by an incident where a family member was price gouged by a plumber.  We are driven to send business to those that do right by customers.  This is the the online yellow pages.  We only partner with plumbers who maintain excellent service reputations. Click here to get started. You will get up up to 5 free estimates from prescreened plumbers who have maintained top notch service reviews…

Our customer service team does nothing by connect good consumers with plumbers they can trust, nationwide.

Find out how Los Angeles is saving on plumbing

January 31, 2010

Find out how Los Angeles is saving on plumbing

“trusted plumber in Los Angeles,” “bid by the job not by the hour,” “finished the job in 15 minutes, cleaned up and was an amazing professional”

Santa Monica, CA Plumbers (Michael Denis Plumbing)

January 18, 2010

Santa Monica, CA Plumbers

How should someone new to Santa Monica, CA select a plumber?  Key to selecting a plumber in Santa Monica, CA is looking for “customer focused” features and talking with a few plumbers? Consider what makes Michael Denis special

Michael Denis is highly recommended because he focuses on customer’s needs:
1) Open 24 hours / 7 days a week.
2) Bids by the job, not the hour.
3) Builds trust with honesty.

Here is a recent quote found on the internet:
“After a few plumbing nightmares that came with nightmare plumbers, Michael (of Michael Denis Plumbing) was a breath of fresh air! He bid by the job, not by the hour, which was my reason for choosing him to begin with. He drove across L.A to get to me, he did great work, no BS, no price gouging, just an all around excellent guy!” – Rainy

To obtain a free estimate and bid, click here

Find a Plumber & Donate to Haiti

January 14, 2010

Alistplumbers.com is accepting and pooling donations for the Plumbers Relief Fund.  The Plumber Relief fund will build donations and help relief efforts as they are needed around the world.  We will be sending a pallet of supplies through our partners World Vision and Operation USA.  Our find a plumber directory cares about our world.  Whenever possible we recruit plumbers who are licensed Green Plumbers in the USA.  For example, Howie of Quality First Plumbing is one our partners in Denver. He was the first Green Plumber in the state of Colorado.  We are also pleased to welcome Michael Denis Plumbing in Santa Monica California. Call 617-800-7033 to make a donation by credit card.

Happy Plumber New Year – Find a plumber you can trust

January 9, 2010

How to find a plumber you can trust.  We have been in your shoes.  Finding a plumber can be a time consuming process fraught with anxiety.  This is a numbers game, you need to speak with atleast three plumbers to get a guage on pricing, service, quality, reputation.  Alistplumbers.com makes it easy.  We only will send your information to plumbers who have reputations for “doing right” by consumers. We are consumer advocate first and plumbing advertising directory second.

Once you start to get some plumber bids evaluate everything.  Does the plumber answer the phone? Return calls? Is the plumber rude or nice? Is the plumber knowleageable and show a proclivity to passing such knowledge to you. Does the plumber provide free estimates or a trip charge?  How does the plumber charge? Flat rate or by the hour? Does the plumber have a license?  Can the plumber provide references? How quickly does the plumber respond to you email?

Alistplumbers was designed to help you stream line your plumber hiring process.  We have a reputation for working with plumbers who want to earn your life long business. Most people want to find a good professional that they can trust for long-term business. 

The process for 2010, fill out this simple form in less than 1 minute and sit back. Plumbers will call you to consult to you on the problem. Get Plumber bids from the nation’s #1 Plumber Directory. Alist brand has been generating leads for top notch local businesses since 1996.

Plumber Reviews

December 22, 2009

Plumber Review Site Alistplumbers is all about quality.  Most of our plumbers are so good, the have achieved a five star plumbing designation from customers.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Our plumbers are so high quality, they want your reviews. 

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